This is the logo chosen for the Grenora Centennial.  Thanks to all who entered the contest.  There were so many wonderful entries which made it an especially difficult vote.  The following is a description of the logo by the artists: 

We are honored to have our logo chosen for the 100th Centennial.  We created a logo to represent the agriculture, oil, and railroad that are/were such a part of Grenora. The left side represents the oil rigs of the 21st century while the right side represents the wind mills, farms, and iconic Grenora water tower of the town's beginnings in the 20th century. The railroad is in the center bridging the two centuries. All is set on the rich North Dakota plains with plenty of beautiful, wide open skies we all grew up with. The gopher up front represents the Grenora School which was, and continues to be such an integral part of the community. 

We dedicate our efforts on this project to Clarence and Grace Johnson, long time residents of Grenora (and our parents and grandparents). They are our "home town heros."

Sharyn Johnson Resvick and Michael Sliper (artistic designer and son of ClarRene Johnson Sliper)
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